The Department of Business Administration of the University of Western Macedonia (former Department of Business Administration of the TEI of Western Macedonia) was established in Grevena in 2019 under Law 4610/2019 (Government Gazette 70, issue A’ 07/05/2019), following the merging of the two Institutions, i.e., UoWM and TEI of Western Macedonia.

It caters for cutting-edge education in organization- and administration-related issues aimed for businesses and organizations, thus, qualifying students for an outstanding career in Business Administration, both in the public and the private sector.

Specifically, the department has created an academic environment to provide students with a theoretical and practical background, familiarize them with the real world of business, and enable them to cope with hard modern business contexts and pursue noble ideals; in addition, it promotes building up well-balanced personalities. The department is focused on fostering research and new knowledge and contributes to local and national economic growth by enhancing partnerships and delivery of expert service and education.

Business Administration curricula (curriculum code 04 – Business Administration and Law; 041 – Business Administration), which includes all disciplinary subjects of Business Administration, are regularly updated in compliance with the contemporary rapid economic and technological advances.

Specialist direction courses are also offered – to final year students- in:

• Business Administration

• Management Information Systems

• Tourism Business Administration

The specific specialist direction courses highlight the interdisciplinary approach of Business Administration curricula, which are largely focused on Information and Communication Technologies (curriculum code 06), and Service Delivery (curriculum code 10).

More specifically, special emphasis is given to:

• Computer Skills (0611), Design and Management of Databases and Networks (0612), and

• Tourism and Leisure (1015). Upon completion of their studies, students are expected to:

• understand the concepts, methods and practices of organizing and managing businesses or organizations in the private and public sector

• apply modern scientific and technological knowledge and methodology in business and organization management

• plan, manage and implement discipline-specific projects and research

• make decisions in complex, changeable and constantly evolving professional settings In addition, the Department of Business Administration offers theoretical and practical education and training to students to enable them to acquire appropriate horizontal skills (soft skills) and pursue a successful career in modern business contexts. Notably, courses promote:

• fluency in written and spoken language, presentation skills

• creativity and innovation

• leadership skills • team spirit

• flexibility

•ability to work under pressure

•decision-making and problem-solving competence

• organizational and analytical skills

•excellent communication skills

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