Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) research, available in the Business Administration Department at the University of Western Macedonia, is focused on cutting-edge original research and contributes to educational and scientific innovation and advancement in Business Administration.

It delivers specialist knowledge in specific fields of study and in relevant disciplines and subject areas of Business Administration. Doctoral degree holders can work in Higher Education Institutions, research centres, and enterprises and organisations in the public and private sector in Greece and abroad.

Qualified applicants / Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. They are holders of a Higher Education (University or T.E.I.) degree from a Greek HEI or of an academically recognised degree from an international institution.
  2. They are holders of a diploma of postgraduate studies from a Greek HEI, of an academically recognised degree from an international institution or a single, uniform Integrated Master’s degree (Article 46, Law 4485/2017).


  • Under the current legislation, PhD candidates must be Master’s degree holders, who are admitted to the 3rdstudy cycle, according to the specific requirements set out in the Internal Regulation of Doctoral Studies of the Department of Business Administration.
  • Full-time PhD research is supervised by a three-member Advisory Committee and normally requires a minimum of three years.
  • The University of Western Macedonia has established special criteria as regards the quality of publications required for doctoral theses. It also grants candidates with financial support to motivate high quality research.
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