Under Law 4452/2017 (Α΄17) article 31 par.3, uninsured students (first, second and third cycle of study) are entitled to free full medical and hospital care in the National Health System (NHS).

Free Meals

The Department of Student Welfare is responsible for offering free meals to students who meet specific requirements, in accordance with the relevant regulations. Students who are eligible to free meals show their student ID card upon entering the University restaurant.

Students are required to apply for free meals to the Student Welfare Department. Eligibility is based on the current legislation, University budget and applicants’ list order, specified by a scoring system based on the economic and social status of the students’ family, as established by UoWM Senate and demonstrated in the submitted supporting documents accompanying applications. Where candidates tie, priority is given to students with the lowest total income.

Applications for free meals are submitted every academic year in the spring semester, following communication of the Department with the university Student Welfare service and Student Welfare branches in all university cities. First-year students can apply online in September, after enrolment and only when calls are posted on the Student Welfare webpage.

Beneficiaries of free meals are all students who meet the relevant criteria, as long as state budget funds are sufficient for all applicants. Lists of beneficiaries and relevant information are communicated by the Student Welfare Department.

In collaboration with other university Services, the Student Welfare service work towards improving students’ living conditions and recreation, as well as their social and cultural lives, within the regulatory framework about organization, management and functions of HEI Student Welfare Services.

Eligible students can have free meals (full board) at the student restaurant (99, G. Boussiou str., Grevena), whereas non-eligible ones only for €2.20. Food can also be bought at the canteen.


The Student Welfare service in Grevena caters for free accommodation to students (Business Administration and Statistics and Insurance Science students) in the Hall of Residence.

Students apply to the Department Administration Office once invitation is posted on the department website.

Dorm repairs should be registered at: .

For any information about:

  • meals,
  • accommodation in the student residence,
  • European health and insurance cards,
  • social welfare (i.e., student accommodation benefits)

contact : Karagiannis Athanassios, tel.: 2462087013, e-mail: .


Student Accommodation

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