The University of Western Macedonia provides a holistic support to students, the administrative staff, as well as the teaching and research staff in all aspects of life. Holistic support contributes to building a better relationship between people and their bodies, promoting mental strength and, thus, achieving personal, career and social development. Overall, holistic support includes a set of bio-psychosocial services and actions, such as sports and cultural activities, information, prevention, health care, counselling, and psychological support services, in compliance with contemporary research findings and approaches to the management of otherness and equality, according to the principles of the ethics of inclusion.

The University of Western Macedonia has established wellness centres in the five cities of Western Macedonia to maintain health and support well-being for the university human resources. The wellness centres include fitness and Pilates and Yoga rooms, a psychologist’s office, etc. Emphasis is also placed on upgrading current gym equipment and planning sports and cultural programmes.

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