The University Student Support Unit for Vulnerable Groups (MYFEO), run by the Vice-Rector for Student Welfare, aims at equality and social inclusion in higher education for students with disabilities, students belonging to Vulnerable Social Groups (VSS), as well as those belonging to a low-income class, and, thereby provides relevant support.

In detail, MYFEO is engaged in (a) providing psychological support and counselling to students in all university cities, (b) ensuring accessibility of students with mobility disabilities and vision impairments outside (e.g., sidewalks, parking spaces) and inside the university facilities (elevators, offices, recreation rooms, etc.), (c) providing special assistance to students with mobility disabilities and vision impairments on campus, (d) enhancing electronic and information accessibility for students with sensory disabilities (communication with the teaching staff, helping with note taking and assignments, access to teaching materials and exams etc.), (e) funding (scholarships) students belonging to low-income families and (f) offering relevant support and training to the university staff.

MYFEO works closely with the competent administrative staff and is thoroughly engaged in identifying and meeting vulnerable groups’ needs.

Students with disabilities or learning difficulties can have free psychological and counselling support by communicating with the Student Support Unit for Vulnerable Groups:

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