The University of Western Macedonia, in accordance with current legislation and its internal regulations, provides the opportunity to conduct Postdoctoral Research (P.D.R.) for researchers holding a doctoral degree in areas aligned with the research interests and subject matter of its Departments, as well as related fields. The primary objectives of the P.D.R. program at the University of Western Macedonia are as follows: 

  • The creation of high-quality scientific research. 
  • The development of new research fields in the departments of the University of Western Macedonia, relevant to the scientific area of the doctoral thesis of the postdoctoral researcher.
  • The contribution to fulfilling the research needs of the departments.
  • The transfer of knowledge and expertise.
  • The strengthening of scientists capable of contributing to the advancement of science, research, and its applications.
  • Highlighting the quality and academic prestige of the University of Western Macedonia’s research projects, as well as its international recognition.
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