For all first-year students the Department Assembly assigns Study Advisors among the academic staff members, no later than November 30 of each academic year. The number of first-year students is equally and randomly distributed among the academic staff members.

In case Study Advisors are absent for a long period of time (e.g., sabbatical, health problem, retirement), the Assembly assigns a different person with Study Advisor duties. For departments with fewer than 10 academic staff members, non-tenure teaching staff (P.D.407/80, Academic Fellows) are appointed as Study Advisors.


Study Advisors’ duties include:

  • Informing students about the Department vision, graduates’ required skills, qualifications, and professional rights.
  • Supporting first-year students to pursue their university studies.
  • Understanding students’ needs and interests, supporting their inclinations and skills and providing career counselling.
  • Facilitating students to contact and communicate with university authorities and services.
  • Offering advice about future career prospects and further study (e.g., postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad), according to individual inclinations and preferences.
  • Sending information material about library services.
  • Providing information on course content, workshop and laboratory requirements and safety, scoring methods, tests, exams, tuition courses etc.
  • Offering guidance about compulsory and elective courses and course schedules, according to personal interests, skills, and abilities, and with a view to avoiding or reducing exam failure.
  • Providing thesis writing support and guidance.
  • Exploring possible career prospects (i.e., in the public or private sector, working freelance, jobs abroad etc.).
  • Discussing possible constraints or problems during studies.
  • Communicating with the teaching staff.
  • Informing students about university services (Student Welfare, Career Office, Student Ombudsman, Alumni, etc.).
  • Discussing about exam results and exam failure, and organising:
    1. counselling and remedial teaching
    2. support in collaboration with the Support Unit for                                    Vulnerable Students (M.Y.F.E.O.),
    3. consulting services in collaboration with the Career Office
    4. psychological support in collaboration with the relevant                              university service.


Students have got full responsibility for their own study choices and decisions.


  • Study Advisors communicate with students via e-mail and arrange meeting dates and time on their personal webpages and on the Business Administration website. Meetings are either personal or group.
  • Students apply for a meeting with the Study Advisor (see Template 1 – Request a meeting with a Study Advisor).

Study Advisors regularly arrange at least two face-to-face or online meetings per semester.

First-year students can request more meetings with Study Advisors, who report to the Department Assembly (see Template 2 – Contact form – meeting with the Study Advisor ), about meetings and possible problems as well as failures or faults and measures to be taken. At the end of each academic semester, Study Advisors submit reports of actions and conclusions (see Template 3 – Winter / Spring semester transcript form ).

To fully support students, Study Advisors must collaborate with the Career Office and the Support Unit for Students in Vulnerable Groups (M.Y.F.E.O.).

Attached Files

Study Advisor
Request a meeting with a Study Advisor
Contact form – meeting with the Study Advisor
Winter – Spring semester transcript form

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