The department strategic objectives are as follows:

  • Developing students’ academic and professional excellence: Courses such as Consumer Behaviour, Marketing, Statistics, Introduction to Econometrics, Financial Statement Analysis, Computer Programming, Cloud Computing, Web Application Development, Commercial Law, and Business Research, decisively contribute to this objective.
  • Implementing educational innovations: The two directions of study, i.e., “Information Systems Management” and “Tourism Business Management”, have comparative advantages in relation to respective departments.
  • Building bonds with local communities: In order for local bodies to get acquainted with the department and its curriculum, there is constant communication involving -among others- secondary school students’ visits to the university facilities, where they are informed about career prospects.
  • Attracting resources: Academic Staff members participate in funded research projects; postgraduate study programmes reserves are considerably utilized, as well.
  • Promoting Partnerships – Internationalisation: Partnerships with other educational institutions in Greece and abroad both for education and research, in the framework of Erasmus or Internationalisation programmes are encouraged.
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