The Department of Business Administration of the University of Western Macedonia is focused on promoting quality in education and establishing a creative setting for research and work. It is committed to implementing a quality assurance policy, which is compatible with its academic profile and study programme perspective, endorses quality objectives and scope, and implements its strategic goals. In addition, it specifies means, actions and methods of achievement, and aims at continuously enhancing procedures. The implementation of the quality assurance policy of the Department is focused on:

  • continuously improving quality in education and research processes
  • enhancing quality of functions and service delivery
  • improving working conditions and quality of life of its members
  • ensuring overall transparency
  • promoting the work carried out in the department
  • maintaining personal data and copyright protection for its staff and students

The Department of Business Administration:

  1. Designs, modifies and improves undergraduate courses by ensuring transparency and participation of the teaching staff, students, stakeholders, alumni, and taking into account the students’ annual undergraduate study evaluation. Courses aim at:
  • meeting contemporary scientific requirements and educational needs and promptly and effectively accommodating to new national and international conditions
  • achieving learning outcomes and ensuring that student qualifications are congruent with the European and National Higher Education Qualifications Framework
  1. Promotes quality and effectiveness of teaching processes by:
  • ensuring that the teaching staff are highly qualified and trained, and implementing the relevant legislation and regulations as regards academic staff recruitment and promotion by achieving meritocracy in the workplace and organisational transparency
  • carrying out annual internal teaching self-evaluation processes with annual Internal Evaluation reports submitted to the University Quality Assurance Unit (QAU)
  • reviewing the undergraduate study evaluation carried out by students every six months
  • implementing course and exams timetable
  • applying modern teaching approaches and methodology, by placing special emphasis on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • providing for the students’ academic progress and improvement
  • endorsing students’ learning and research autonomy
  • facilitating and supporting student mobility programmes
  • fostering respect, cooperation and inclusiveness for all and implementing good practices for problem solving
  • endorsing participation in collective actions to achieve common or/and ecological purpose objectives and build strong bonds with local communities
  • undertaking actions to disseminate learning outcomes via the students’ work placement in local businesses and organisations, as well as in businesses and organisations in the wider region of Western Macedonia and Greece
  1. Promotes quality (and quantity) of the research carried out by the academic staff:
  • encouraging teaching staff mobility and fostering national and international partnerships
  • promoting the academic staff’s contribution to postgraduate programmes and international and national research programmes
  • encouraging writing and publication of scientific papers, collective volumes, and monographs
  • supporting the teaching staff to organise and participate in scientific conferences and meetings aiming at promoting and communicating research activities.
  1. Submits proposals of annual admissions in congruence with the department potential (teaching staff, facilities, etc.), to enable delivery of cutting-edge education and student welfare benefits.
  2. Endorses quality of administrative service delivery, reports problems or failures in university infrastructure, facilities and services and submits relevant proposals.
  3. Carries out reviews and internal evaluations of UoWM’s quality assurance system and ensures effective cooperation between the Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) and the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU).

With regard to the teaching staff, the Department of Business Administration fosters:

  • recruitment of highly qualified teaching staff according to the relevant legislation, which ensures transparency and meritocracy of teaching staff recruitment and promotion procedures
  • staff promotion and allocation
  • teaching staff in-service training
  • teaching staff international mobility programmes
  • improvement of working conditions and promotion of mutual respect, cooperation and inclusiveness
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