Grevena is the capital of the regional unit of Grevena. It is a small town, in a region of natural beauty and various mountain and winter tourism opportunities.

Grevena, with a population of 25,905 inhabitants, is located in Macedonia. In 2007, it was named the “City of Mushrooms” for its great variety of mushrooms which visitors can taste in local restaurants.

Access to Grevena is easy via Egnatia and Ionian Motorways, from Thessaloniki and Ioannina and from Patras respectively. From Athens to Grevena access will soon become easier.

The regional unit of Grevena is an area with lush vegetation, with popular attractions, such as the Vasilitsa Ski resort and the Paleontology Museum in Milia with an exhibition of the largest tusks worldwide (Guinness Award).

Weather during winter is rather cold and snow is frequent. The ski resort in Vasilitsa is bustling with visitors at winter weekends, and in the summer with cyclists who take up downhill bike riding organised weekly by the cyclists’ association of Grevena.

The National Forest of Pindos, Valia Kalda, is also a most valuable and unspoiled forest in Greece with rich flora and fauna and unique hiking trails. It stretches in the Pindos, in an area of approximately 69,000 acres, divided into a core and a peripheral area between the regional units of Grevena and Ioannina.

For all nature lovers, the wider area of Grevena is a place with many options (see also


Student Residence

Modern student residence facilities with double and triple rooms (65 beds) and many other facilities, such as gym, computer room, library, recreation hall, etc. have been available since 2021.

House rentals

Rental prices in Grevena range from 180-350 Euros (heating cost not included), depending on the size and facilities offered. Find relevant information in rental websites (,, etc., and,

Students can have meals in the student restaurant (free meals), and local restaurants. They can also find local and special products in the city market. Find information in on the website: Grevena Trade Association .

Getting to Grevena

Grevena is located on the southern part of Macedonia, on the northern border of Thessaly and the eastern border of Epirus. The distance from Grevena to:

  • Athens (420 km)
  • by car: 5 hours via Trikala, Central Greece Motorway (Trikala-Lamia) and P.A.TH.E (Lamia-Athens)
  • by bus: daily buses, 6 hours via Trikala, Central Greece Motorway (Trikala-Lamia) and P.A.TH.E (Lamia-Athens) (
  • Thessaloniki, (170 km)
  • by car: 1 hour 45 minutes (Egnatia Motorway)
  • by bus: 4 daily buses, 2 hours via Egnatia Motorway (
  • Larissa (130 km)
  • by car: 2 hours via Deskati, Elassona
  • by bus: daily buses, 21/2 hours
  • Ioannina (420 km)
  • by car: 1 hour (Egnatia Motorway)
  • by bus: 2 daily buses, 1 hour via Egnatia Motorway
  • Kozani (42 km)
    • by car: 30 minutes (Egnatia Motorway),
    • by bus: 5 daily buses, 45 minutes (Egnatia motorway)
    • Trikala (70 km)
  • by car: 1 hour
  • by bus: 2 daily buses, 11/2 hours
  • Kastoria (60 km)
    • by car: 40 minutes (Egnatia Motorway)
    • Florina (100 km)
    • by car: 1 hour, 10 minutes (Egnatia Motoway and Provincial Road)
    • Ptolemaida (73 km)
    • By car: 1 hour (Egnatia Motorway)

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