In the framework of Undergraduate Study Programme upgrading, the Department of Business Administration has set up an External Advisory Committee comprised of prominent members.

The Committee aims at enhancing extroversion and communication with local stakeholders and institutions in Grevena and Western Macedonia. The Department of Business Administration has built strong bonds with the city, which has been supporting its functions in various ways. The Advisory Committee will further strengthen these bonds, by promoting ideas, making proposals and undertaking initiatives with a direct and long-term positive impact both on the Department and the regional growth perspectives.

As proposed, the Committee is comprised of (in alphabetical order):

  1. Georgitsi Maria, Institute for Development, Professional Guidance and Entrepreneurship
  2. Kiriakos Tataridis, Mayor of Grevena
  3. Dimadis Konstantinos, President of Trade Association, Grevena
  4. Dimitris Koemtzopoulos, Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Representative of the 5th Department of Western Macedonia
  5. Dagoumas Georgios, President of the Hotel Association in Grevena
  6. Dunas Alekos, President of the Prefectural Assembly for Grevena, Technical Chamber of Greece
  7. George Pitsiavas, Alumni Representative of the Department of Business Administration
  8. Rammos Nikolaos, President of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Grevena
  9. Tsaknakis Ioannis, Deputy Regional Governor of the Regional Unit of Grevena 
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