Complaints Management

To enhance student-centered educational processes, and abide by the principles of transparency and accountability, the University of Western Macedonia has adopted a “Complaints Management Procedure” for students. This procedure involves all complaints related to the quality of the educational and administrative services provided by Departments.

The process is described below:

Students can submit complaints to UoWM Legal Services using an e-form – “Complaint Submission Form”- available at the e-mail address:, in which they briefly, clearly and objectively state the problem – complaint. Upon receiving the form, the Legal Advisor examines it, informs the Rector, and reports it accordingly by e-mail, depending on the nature of the complaint to:

  • the Head of Department about exams and grade complaints. The Head examines the students’ complaints and support material and takes relevant measures. Within 20 days, the student is duly informed about the actions undertaken, complaint submission, and the decisions made by the competent University Administration body.
  • the Student Ombudsman, about issues other than grades and exams, at: . UoWM has set up a self-governing service, “STUDENT OMBUDSMAN”, to which every student can report (using the form “Application Form”) any problem. The Student Ombudsman can investigate cases on his/her own initiative.

The Student Ombudsman may, ex officio, request the university services for any information, document, or evidence about the case, examine persons, perform an autopsy, and order an expert opinion. In case of law infringement, maladministration, or university malfunction, s/he reports to the competent professor / s or administration service and the complainant and mediates in any appropriate way to resolve the issue.

Students can submit their queries using the special application form, which is attached below:


Students Ombudsman’s Office

50100 Kila, Kozani

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