Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee of the University of Western Macedonia was established under no. (ΑΔΑ ΨΚΨΣ469Β7Κ-ΓΧ9) Rector’s Act and reconstituted by no. (ΑΔΑ 6ΡΚ6469Β7Κ-857) Rector’s Act, according to article 47, Law 4485/2017 (Government Gazette 114 / vol.Α ́ / 4-8-2017).

The Ethics Committee caters for:

  1. Developing a “Code of Ethics and Good Practice” on academic, administrative and research issues (Bioethics rules, etc.), which is approved by the Senate and incorporated into the University Internal Regulation
  2. Ensuring compliance and implementation of the rules of ethics by all UoWM members as well as identifying ethics violations
  3. Investigating cases, ex officio or after a written report – complaint by students, Academic, Special Teaching, Laboratory Teaching, Laboratory Technical Staff members, researchers, visiting professors, and administrative staff concerning matters of its competence, in order to identify violation of the Code of Ethics rules or investigate relevant cases by order of the Rector

The Ethics Committee members and functions are regulated by UoWM Internal Regulation.

Relevant requests can be submitted to the Ethics Committee via e-mail (, at the Students Ombudsman’s Office ( or the Rector’s Council (



Ethics Committee (ΑΔΑ 6ΡΚ6469Β7Κ-857)

UoWM Code of Conduct

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